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Non-competition agreements: be aware and be prepared By Elizabeth Petro

When being offered a job in industry, you may be asked to sign a non-competition agreement, or non-compete.  In the non-compete, you agree not to work for certain other companies for a certain amou...

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Compassionate Use By Mark D. Ediger

The process of drug development is nothing if not arduous. The most recent analyses place a greater than $1 billion dollar price tag on a nearly fifteen-year journey. To be sure, the reward for thi...

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Is an industrial postdoc right for you? By Elaine To

*This article was originally published on the Scizzle blog   In recent years, postdoctoral opportunities in industry have been on th...

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HBN Co-President Remark By Annie Cieniewicz and Amy Anderson

Dear HBN members,   We are delighted and excited to be assuming the roles of HBN’s new Co-Presidents for the upcoming year! With the exemplary leadership that Dave Walker and Geoffrey Chen ha...

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Hospital Rwanda By Neil Rens

Background: This summer I traveled to Rwanda with a program called Engineering World Health. Along with eighteen other students, I am spending 9 weeks in Rwanda—4 taking language and medical device...

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America Invents Act in Action: New Satellite USPTOs By Monique Carter

Intellectual property is at the core of novel biotechnology product development and commercialization.  Effective use of the legal protection afforded by the branch of law encourages risk and innov...

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A Mission for Innovation – Hopkins Biotech Network Goes on the Road! By Amy Anderson and Dave Walker

At the start of this academic year, President Daniels and Dean Rothman convened a committee to consider areas of potential improvement for our university in the realm of entrepreneurship and licensing, particularly to identify options for a new physical space to serve as a hub for innovation a...

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HBN is a non-profit organization present at the Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore created with the purpose of building a strong partnership between biotechnology ac...

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