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Submit an idea and join the campaign!

By July 15, 2015Academic, Business

by Minmin Chen

Medical and Educational Perspectives (MEP) launched an idea campaign within the state of Maryland seeking creative solutions to clinical and technical challenges.

Stemming from a student group founded in 2004 by Carmen Kut, a current MD/Ph.D. student at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, MEP has grown into a non-profit organization with the goal of facilitating development and commercialization of cost-efficient medical innovations invented by Johns Hopkins students. In accordance with the mission, MEP launched the “idea campaign for progress” program, which is soliciting burning questions in fields of medicine, healthcare, or technology from July to September. Everyone is encouraged to submit an idea or a challenge to our e-mail address: mepjhu@gmail.com. The idea submitting process will last until September, and then a panel will review all submitted ideas. Eventually, the top five ideas will be identified, and each will win a $100 award and an interdisciplinary team to help with solutions. We will contact the winners and help them form the teams that will consist of members from different departments at Johns Hopkins University (e.g. medicine, science, business, arts) and at least one member from the community to bring different voices from each perspective.

After the teams have formed, a series of workshops will be offered by the MEP to facilitate their final campaign development. First, each team will set out to answer the question, “Why should we care,” and learn how to advertise these issues to the general public in a form of a prototype phone app or video, among other ideas. Furthermore, the teams will also work on creative ways to either (1) develop feasible solutions for an unmet clinical need, or (2) develop innovative applications for an emerging/underused technology. At the end of the program, these teams will present their final work on a website or a YouTube channel. Anyone within Maryland will be eligible to vote for the team with the best campaign and the best-proposed solutions. The winning teams will receive a cash award and additional funding/resources to pursue their proposed solutions.

The “idea campaign for progress” program will be a tremendous opportunity for students who would like to learn how to present a scientific idea to the public and how to listen to voices from other perspectives. Additionally, each team will receive professional training in regards to solution development, prototype, and commercialization. Teams will also receive advice from experienced professionals during the semester.

By submitting an idea to mepjhu@gmail.com, you will win a chance to earn $100 award as well as an opportunity to draw support and resources from multiple disciplines as translating an academic idea into a practical solution.


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