About Us

Who We Are

The Hopkins Biotech Network is a graduate student run organization across the Johns Hopkins community and beyond working to explore non academic careers for graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and early career professionals. HBN is divided into four arms that each explore the biotech community from distinct angles to coordinate educational and experiential events such as career fairs, speaker panels, site visits (now virtual), and of course networking for all early professionals interested in a non academic career. We also welcome members outside of the Hopkins community and support biotech adventurers around the globe. If you enjoy our content or want become a part of the network contact us.

What We Do

HBN’s mission is to clarify the transition from academic science to industry science and in the process strengthen the biotech community. We at HBN focus on critical issues in biotechnology and seek to bridge the gap between the three main stakeholders in the biotech field: industry, academia, and government.

Who We Serve

HBN serves students and early professionals globally by bridging the gaps between academic bioscience and the greater bioscience industry and commercial community. HBN focuses on providing resources and experiences to enhance our member’s understanding of the biotechnology industry, cutting edge technologies, and all aspects of bio-entrepreneurship.

The Branches of HBN

Alumni Relations

The Alumni Relations Branch partners with the Johns Hopkins Alumni office to connect HBN members with Johns Hopkins alumni at the local, national, and international level. Our goal within this branch of HBN is to get to know current Hopkins students with an interest in the biotech industry, and then to later maintain these relationships post-graduation. This goal is achieved through the organization of fun networking events which educate both students and alumni on careers, continued education, and provide an opportunity to be re-engaged in a diverse and smart group of people. To be a member of the Alumni Association one must graduate from any division of Johns Hopkins to be considered.  Please visit the Johns Hopkins Alumni Association website here for further information.


The goal of EMP is to be a venue for members of the Hopkins community to explore entrepreneurship with expert members from outside the academic setting. To do so, EMP provides a platform to match interested mentees with our network of mentors, based on interests, experience, and time availability. Students who are interested in entrepreneurship but do not have an active idea will be partnered with a designated mentor who can answer general questions and provide guidance for appropriate coursework and/or workshops. Once teams or individuals are partnered with their mentor, the two parties will decide the appropriate course of mentorship based on the needs and timeline of the mentee. EMP will be available at all steps to mitigate conversations and keep mentors and mentees on track.


The Transcript is a voice of contemporary biomedical, bioengineering, and business topics submitted by Johns Hopkins graduate students and alumni to share within the biotechnology network locally, nationally, and internationally.

Industry Relations

The Industrial Relations (IR) encompasses building a strong relationship between the industry in the and Hopkins trainees. The main role of IR is to create a bridge between industry professionals in Maryland and the Hopkins community. IR fosters harmonious relationship and strong partnership between the industry and academia which leads to successful transfer of technology to the market. The Industrial Relations mainly cover the following:

  • Providing a platform for industrial networking events.
  • Industry-oriented career development
  • Facilitate industry related community discussion events.
  • Organizing site visits to local companies (via Trek Program)

The Hopkins Biotech Podcast

In 2020, HBN launched its own podcast to discuss topics in biotechnology. We offer two main segments called Careers – which cover the career trajectory of scientists who have been through the transition from academic to industry science, and Insights – which focuses on critical trends in biotechnology and informs our Industry Relations community discussions. Check out our latest episodes on the Podcast tab, at our website, or on any major streaming platform.

Hopkins Biotech Podcast Website: https://www.hopkinsbiotechpodcast.com/