Who We Are

Our goal isn’t just to help people network, but to help our members understand the vast spectrum of opportunities in biotechnology, spanning everything from business to the lab bench.

 If you’d like to connect with the biotech community in Maryland, HBN is the organization for you. Because it’s not what you know, but who you know that makes the difference.

What We Do

HBN’s mission is to create a stronger biotech community which addresses the interests of its members. We at HBN focus on critical issues in biotechnology and seek to bridge the gap between the three main stakeholders in the biotech field: industry, academia, and government.

Who We Serve

HBN serves biotechnology students by bridging the gaps between student professionals and the greater scientific and commercial communities. HBN focuses on meeting the needs of those interested in enhancing their understanding of the biotechnology industry, cutting edge technologies, and all aspects of bio-entrepreneurship.