Jessica A. Joseph, Ph.D. Candidate

HBN President

As summer came to a close and as Halloween approaches, I’m happy to report that HBN has had a successful fall season of collaborations. Our most recent event featured a partnership with the Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures  to promote the Commercialization Academy and their recruitment efforts. Over 30 people were in attendance, including graduate students and postdoctoral fellows from the School of Medicine, Bloomberg School of Public Health, and Homewood campus. Sam Hopkins, The Commercialization Academy Manager, was joined by Jessica Miciak, a current Academy Fellow, to discuss the learning opportunities presented within the program and the benefits of working with JHTV.

Also, HBN is happy to support the Johns Hopkins Graduate Consulting Club’s Fall Healthcare Case competition. These competitions align exceptionally well with HBN’s goals: to promote experiences in business and biotech to support all members of the Hopkins community in pursuing careers in these fields. Although applications for teams are now closed, please check their website for details to attend the event, as well as sign up for case competitions in the future.

In the coming months, we look forward to continuing our tradition of HBN Treks to local biotech and pharmaceutical companies. Previous Trek partners have included: Emergent Biosolutions, PapGene, AstraZeneca, and more. These Treks are a highly informative method of educating those members of our community interested in transitioning to Industry from academia, as well as integrating Hopkins into the networks of these companies.

Lastly, this spring, HBN will be hosting our annual bioPITCH event to encourage early-stage biotech entrepreneurs at Hopkins to gain the experience, momentum, and guidance needed for those trying to take an idea from bench to market. This event promotes positive feedback from a panel of experienced entrepreneurs as well as audience members, creating diverse networks of mentors for those pursuing ideas that could reshape the healthcare market. Keep an eye out for upcoming details about bioPITCH later in the year!

As always, we sincerely thank our partners and donors for their continuous support, including the Graduate Student Association, The Professional Development and Career Office, the Alumni Association, JHTV, and many more. We are grateful for your support in creating a positive and excited community within Hopkins, centered on pursuing careers in biotech and beyond.

Happy Fall to All!

Photo credit of  Museum Gate: Lawrence Jones





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