Hopkins Biotech Network mourns U.S. Representative Elijah Cummings Passing

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Lawrence Jones, Ph.D.


I last saw Representative Cummings at Hopkins on the Hill, last June.  JHU (2019) “Hopkins on the Hill is a biennial showcase of the range, value, and impact of federally funded research and programming at Johns Hopkins University.” At that event Representative Cummings spent a lot of time asking very probing questions to the faculty members and students that  were able to showcase the value of federally funded research at JHU.  I was able to shake his hand and say “hello”.  He responded in kind. He was a political giant in the Baltimore area and for the Johns Hopkins Medical campus and he will be sorely missed. 

Hub (October 2019) mentions “ Cummings was a frequent guest and speaker at Johns Hopkins events over the years and a steadfast supporter of the institution’s community efforts, including the HopkinsLocal and BLocal economic inclusion initiatives, the Vision for Baltimore program, and the Henderson Hopkins school in East Baltimore”

There are planned memorial services planned in the upcoming weeks for the Baltimore native.


Image Courtesy and Credit: Will Kirk/ Johns Hopkins University

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