Johns Hopkins Alumnus Gives Insights into the Consulting World

By March 6, 2019Alumni


Lawrence Jones, Ph.D.

The Johns Hopkins School of Medicine Professional Development and Career Office through Dr. Annie Jeong, Ph.D., Assistant Director of Career Education, hosted Johns Hopkins Alumnus Dr. Basil Hussain, Ph.D.  of Deloitte Consulting LLP.   Basil spoke on February 22 to a lively group of students, postdocs, and alumni about his “day and the life” of a consultant with a Ph.D. in the biological sciences.  He gave an informative and interactive discussion about his candid experiences as a consultant and his transition into an environment that does not necessarily require his scientific expertise, but more on his ability to problem solve quickly and succinctly with confidence using the amount of information that he is given in a set amount of time. He emphasized that his work was not solo but instead on a consulting team. His travel schedule has been extensive, yet rewarding but it requires an adjustment and a particular type of personality to adapt to the rigor of consulting. Dr. Hussain admits that the lifestyle of constant travel to clients and hotel stays may not be for everyone.  He has found his career experiential and rewarding.

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