From September 29th to October 7th, the 6th Annual Baltimore Innovation Week is taking place. Brought to you by Technically, this event is Maryland’s biggest event on Technology and Entrepreneurship, so if you have dreams of starting or working for a startup, or you are eager to know more about opportunities in innovation and technology in Baltimore, this event is for you.

There are Happy Hours, lots of conversations on Biotechnology and Entrepreneurship, networking sessions, training about digital marketing agency projects and other areas of business, and chances to work in the many co-working spaces and innovation hubs scattered around Baltimore.

Join the conversation to shape the future of science and innovation in Baltimore by attending one or all of these events.

Pro tip: Take your resume to these events, especially if you are job hunting. If it isn’t up to standard, give it an update with this free tool before going. You never know who you’ll meet.

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Sign up for events using the 7 tracks below:

  1. Dev:

    Where programmers, designers, developers and project managers come together.

    Think: coding, front and back-end development, and more.

  2. Business:

    The startup and business community conversation.

    Think: venture capital, startups, bootstrapping, entrepreneur

  3. Sciences:

    Where leaders in healthcare, the sciences, economic development, public health and academia come together. Think: commercialized technology, creating connectivity, influencing policy.

  4. Media:

    The strategy around technology coverage & promotion.

    Think: content marketing, digital marketing strategy, social networks.

  5. Civic:

    The impact of technology on government and civil society.

    Think: digital media, civic hacking, open data.

  6. Access:

    Discussing diversity and education issues that affect everyday citizens.

    Think: digital divide, digital education.

  7. Creative:

    Where art and technology collide.

    Think: video games, digital art, community initiatives.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Be Social! Use #BIW17 on social media. We want to see your pictures from these events.
Happy Networking!

Written and Published by: Ememabasi Okoh
Editor-in-Chief, Hopkins Biotech Network

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