Digital Medicine and FDA Approval

Digital Medicine and FDA Approval

Author: Thuy Ong

Photo: Courtesy of Proteus

November 14, 2017


Ong (2017) reports that The Food and Drug Administration has approved the first digital pill for the United States which monitors if patients have taken their medication. A venture between Japanese pharmaceutical company Otsuka and digital medicine service Proteus Digital Health, attempts to address the prevalent problem of patients not taking their medication correctly.  “The pill called Abilify MyCite, is fitted with a tiny ingestible sensor that communicates with a patch worn by the patient the patch then transmits medication data to a smartphone app which the patient can voluntarily upload to a database for their doctor and other authorized persons to see” (Ong, 2017).  The patient’s doctor and up to four other people chosen by the patient, including family members, can access the information.  More can be read here:

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