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Summary of Events

In November 2014, we launched our program by hosting presentations from our local incubator partners, including the Innovation Factory, Social Innovation Lab, and the Business Case Competition Club. We also held a panel discussion with successful entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial mentors. Our launch event was attended by graduate students, post-docs, MD/PhD students, MBA students, professors, and other employees from all Johns Hopkins campuses, spread across more than thirty different departments and disciplines.

Launch Speakers:

Dr. Lynn Langer, Board of Directors of TEDCO, Director of Advanced Academic Programs at JHU

Kunal Parikh, Founder of Social Innovation Lab at JHU

James Reidy, Entrepreneur and Director of Entrepreneurship at Innovation Factory

Dr. David Ellison, Founder of Government Relations & Live Assay

Dr. David Greenwald, Founder of Relay Technology Management, Inc.


In Spring 2015, we are continuing the Program with a series of workshops hosted by EMP mentors and other guest experts. During our first workshop, we covered the basic principles of ideation using a Coursera-derived course material as a guide. This interactive workshop was led by some of JHU’s own experts in entrepreneurship and ideation. Carey Business School Assistant Professor and JHU Entrepreneurship Bootcamp organizer Nayoung Louie shared her views on how to come up with an innovative idea. David West, founder of Proscia and biomedical engineering undergraduate, also shared his personal experiences with his start-up venture. The goal of this workshop was to lay down the guiding principles of idea generation and to frame questions which address social and medical problems.

This workshop was the first in a series of topic-based ideation and inter-disciplinary team building sessions to help teach Johns Hopkins trainees about entrepreneurship and facilitate the formation of start-up teams. Future workshops will continue the discussion of ideation and explore more advanced topics.


David West was excited to share his story about founding his company, Proscia, while studying biomedical engineering as an undergraduate at Johns Hopkins University.

“Hopkins has an incredibly vibrant community of thinkers and creators. The Hopkins Biotech Network Entrepreneurship workshops provide a platform for connecting and growing that community.”

Professor Nayoung Louie also expressed her enthusiasm about the Entrepreneurial Mentoring Program and plans to continue her involvement with the EMP team for planning future events.

“I enjoyed meeting students, post-docs and researchers from different departments and learning about their ideas they would like to commercialize. The workshop was a good venue for them to share their ideas and identify resources at Hopkins.”

Event Calendar – Spring 2015

April 16th

Discussion Group

“How to Come Up with an Innovative Idea”

Leaders: Nayoung Louie (JHU Entrepreneurship Bootcamp),

David West (Founder of Proscia, Innovation Factory leader)


May 14th

Discussion Group

“Developing Innovative Ideas & Evaluating Feasibility”

Leaders: David West (Founder of Proscia, IF),

Ankita Das (Director of EMP)


June 2015


Team Building Event

JHU Entrepreneurship Bootcamp Preparation


June 2015

Business Model Canvas

Leaders: Innovation Factory


July-August JHU Entrepreneurship Bootcamp


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