What is HBN’s Entrepreneurial Mentorship Program (EMP)?

The Hopkins Biotech Network (HBN) is spearheading a new multi-campus, multi-disciplinary program that aims to connect innovative Hopkins students and post-docs with entrepreneurial peers and experienced mentors from the local entrepreneurial ecosystem. The goal of the program is to enable members of the Johns Hopkins’ community to successfully pursue entrepreneurial endeavors.

The program takes a stepwise approach by introducing participants to concepts of entrepreneurship, such as developing innovative ideas, team-formation, writing business plans, and preparing for business pitch competitions. This training will be delivered through workshops and one-on-one mentoring with experienced individuals in the extended network of Johns Hopkins, HBN, and other University partners. Participation in this program will also provide opportunities for trainees to engage with their entrepreneurial peers across many disciplines.

We will connect experienced mentors with motivated mentees (or start-up teams) through interactive workshops and one-on-one matching to form mentor-mentee pairs. Mentors will share their expertise and provide mentees with personalized advice to facilitate the creation and execution of successful enterprises in the social and technical innovation space.

We aim to empower entrepreneurship at Johns Hopkins by consolidating all available resources and leveraging local expertise to help young entrepreneurs network and build successful interdisciplinary teams.

How It All Started

In mapping the opportunities for entrepreneurial education at Johns Hopkins, we discovered many distinct initiatives spread across the Schools of Engineering, Medicine, and Business. Our interactions with leaders from the Johns Hopkins Professional Development Office (PDO), the Biomedical Careers Initiative (BCI), the Innovation Factory (IF) and other groups highlighted the need to align our common goals to grow our local entrepreneurial ecosystem.

There exists a clear need to improve cross-talk between various University groups and initiatives in order to bring together entrepreneurial minds with diverse educational backgrounds. We aim to engage a variety of professionals with diverse expertise and integrate the existing entrepreneurial resources. In doing so, our mission is to leverage the strength of inter-disciplinary collaborations between the Schools of Engineering, Medicine and Business to enable our community to create innovative solutions to social and technical problems.


Our mentors include biomedical and healthcare professionals, venture capitalists, program managers of start-up incubators, and technology transfer professionals with expertise in diverse fields such as entrepreneurship, fundraising, and technology review. Additionally, we have engaged Johns Hopkins students who already have successful entrepreneurial ventures to serve as peer mentors as well as inspiring examples.

Under the Entrepreneurial Mentoring Program (EMP), mentors will be matched with mentees according to their individual expertise and mutual interests. The mentors will interact one-on-one with the mentees over email, phone, or personal meetings in order to advise them in their entrepreneurial pursuits and help mentees grow their personal network. Mentors will also have opportunities to share their expertise broadly through group workshops on variety of topics related to entrepreneurship (ideation, team building, writing business plans, pitching to venture capitalists, etc).


Who should join the Program:

  1. Have an IDEA that you think could have an IMPACT?
  2. Looking for an opportunity to make a difference in the community?
  3. Want to learn about entrepreneurship and explore it as a career option?
  4. Want to meet peers for networking and advice?
  5. Want to turn your science into a business idea?

Join the Entrepreneurial Mentoring Program!

If you are a Johns Hopkins trainee interested in one-on-one mentoring or receiving updates about the Entrepreneurial Mentoring Program, please fill out our online form (http://goo.gl/forms/s3erXpkknz) and we will help get you started.

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