Hopkins Biotech Podcast

Roshan Chikarmane, Co-Director of Alumni Relations,

Ph.D. Candidate at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

Curious about career opportunities for life science students in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, consulting, venture capital, and other private sector industries? Want to find the find the career path best suited to your skills, values, and interests?

Tune in to our introductory episode of the Hopkins Biotech Podcast, in which we discuss that familiar career question “Academia or Industry?”, as well as introduce you to the goals of the podcast and the backgrounds of its hosts. Each subsequent episode will feature a guest from a private sector life science industry. We take you through their personal and professional journey as they navigated through their own career path, with an emphasis on pivotal anecdotes that taught them constructive lessons along the way.

Listen to Hopkins Biotech Podcast anywhere you find podcasts, including Spotify and SoundCloud. For updates about upcoming guests, follow us on social media at Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn and visit us at to check out our mission and full catalog of episodes. New episodes are released every other Monday.

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