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JHU Researchers and Baltimore’s Gemstone Biotherapeutics are Positioned to Transform Wound Care Market

By October 20, 2018Biotechnology

Submitted by Lawrence Jones, Ph.D.

Biobuzz (October 16, 2018) reports “ By 2020, the general wound care market is expected to hit about $20.5 billion and that Maryland’s Gemstone Biotherapeutics aims to address this market with a highly tunable, novel biosynthetic wound healing product.”  They obtained a 2019 Maryland Stem Cell Research Fund (MSCRF) grant award they are drawing a lot of attention as a company to watch in the regenerative medicine space (Biobuzz, 2018)

Biobuzz (October 16, 2018) reports “Gemstone, founded in 2013, is a pre-clinical research and development company established with in-licensed technology from Johns Hopkins University and seed capital provided by local angel investment group Gamma3. Its lead pipeline product is moving toward FDA IND submission in early 2019 and is based upon materials technology invented by Johns Hopkins’ Dr. Sharon Gerecht, who remains a key adviser to the Gemstone team.”

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