Municipal Acquisitions Virtual Student Startup Competition on Nov 13th

November 13th AT 3PM!

Fill out the participant application (by November 10th, 2020)
Sign up for the event on Eventbrite

Assemble your Team: 

  • Reach out to students across the Johns Hopkins community to build a team that supports your business
  • We strongly recommend having at least one Carey Business School student on your team

Prepare Your Pitch:
12-minute pitch + 5-7 minutes of Q&A by the judges
Must have your pitch deck ready for the dry run on November 11th 5 pm EST

  • Establish Your Value Proposition

What problem are you solving? Why will your solution work?

  • Know Your Market Show Your Business Model)

Who is your target audience? Who are your competitors? What are their business models? How will you differentiate?

  • Prepare Your Balance Sheet

How is your business idea sustainable? How will it scale to meet current and future market opportunities? How are you (will you be) financed? What is your plan to procure more, and on what timeline? Effects on debt/equity? What is your plan for funding should you win the $10,000?

  • Define Your Goals

What current traction/phase of development are you in? What milestones do you have for growth? What success stories/metrics can you share?

Get Funding:
Round 1 (November 13, 2020)
1st place – USD5,000
2nd Place – USD1,500
3rd Place – USD500
Round 2 (April 2021, TBD)
1st place – USD10,000
2nd Place – USD4,000
3rd Place – USD1,000

Questions? Contact Innovation Factory

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