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America’s Venture Capital Conference at American University Law Center

By July 23, 2019Business

by Lawrence Jones, Ph.D.

America’s Venture Capital Conference held July 18, 2019, at American University Law Center Washington D.C. proved to be a networking success. Hopkins Business student and founder of America’s Venture Capital LLC, John D. Villarreal, J.D., and Carey Business Professor Jim Kyung-Soo Liew, Ph.D. gathered some of the brightest minds from around the country. I had the opportunity and privilege to serve and moderate a panel discussion “Regulator’s Dilemma: Stifling Innovation, or Unleashing the Kracken?” Our consensus determined that innovation must breathe and continue for the betterment of all people.

Hopkins business studentĀ  John D. Villarreal, J.D

Photo courtesy by Mihaela Ulieru, Ph.D. via LinkedIn

Photo Sumner Webster, Carol Van Cleef,J.D.,

Professor Jim Kyung-Soo Liew, Ph.D.,Mihaela Ulieru, Ph.D. and Ivano Newbill

Panel moderator”Regulator’s Dilemma: Stifling Innovation, or Unleashing the Kraken?


Carol Van Cleef (attorney and CEO at Luminous Group, LLC )

Sumner Webster (Co-Fund Manager & Investor at San Diego Angel Conference)

Jason Brett (BlockChain and Cryptocurrency expert -not pictured)

Mihaela Ulieru, Ph.D.( Blockchain and Cybersecurity expert)

Ivano Newbill (former NBA player and Entrepreneur)

James Calvin, Ph.D.( Carey Business Professor -not pictured)

Bill Rockwood, Jr. (Financial and Tech advisor US House of Representatives-not pictured)

Lawrence Jones, Ph.D. (CEO for Biotechnology Health Management and Care LLC)

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