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Major Companies Expand Wearable Presence in Everyday life: Transforming the Healthcare Industry

By October 23, 2018Business

Submitted by Lawrence Jones, PhD

Puppala (December 1, 2014) reports that wearables have gained the attention of a few tech giants and that the highest potential lies in healthcare. Recently Elder (August 16, 2018) addresses this topic even further through the Singlecare.com blog. Elder reports that “the United States spent three and a half trillion dollars on healthcare in 2017 alone. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services estimate that spending will continue to grow at a rate of 5.5% each year, placing the overall cost at $5.7 trillion by the year 2026.”

Sparks (February 2, 2018) reports that “there’s no denying that wearables are a major, fast-growing trend in tech. Research company IDC estimates that the overall wearables market will swell from about 113 million shipments in 2017 to 222 million shipments in 2021 nearly doubling in just four years.” Major companies, Elder (August 16, 2018) mentions, “Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, and Alphabet have all recently released statements describing how they can help to transform our health care system and, hopefully, reduce the costs that families pay each year. Let’s review some of these promising ideas and explore how they might change your life.”

More can be read here on the Singlecare blog:



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