HBN Executive Board Recruitment: 2021-2022

Executive Board Members President: Taylor Cottle Vice President: Farai Sikipa Director of Alumni Relations: Alana MacDonald Co-Directors of Entrepreneurship: Dmitriy Bobrovnikov, Gosia Latallo, and Kira Mendez Co-Directors of Industry Relations: Joseph Kim, Joe Varriale, and Shruti Venkat Director and Founder of Hopkins Biotech Podcast: Roshan Chikarmane Associate Directors of Hopkins Biotech Podcast: Jenna Glatzer and […]

Lack of diversity in clinical trials: the problem and potential solutions

By Waqas Haque1, Muzzammil Ahmadzada2 Affiliations: 1University of Texas Southwestern Medical School; 2Johns Hopkins University Disclosures: The authors have no financial conflicts of interest. Introduction Clinical trials form the basis by which researchers assess the efficacy and safety of promising medical treatments to improve patient outcomes into the future. The process and validity of the […]

Biotech Investment Surges in 2020

Roshan Chikarmane. Ph.D. Student JHU On March 5, six days before the WHO officially recognized COVID-19 as a global pandemic1, the United States recorded 174 total confirmed cases within its borders2. On that same day, the investment team at Sequoia Capital – a lauded venture capital firm with approximately $1.4 trillion in assets under management […]

Performance and early clinical results of Arvinas’ ARV-110

Authors: Muzzammil Ahmadzada1, Waqas Haque2, and Muhammad A Saeed3 Affiliations: 1Johns Hopkins University; 2University of Texas Southwestern Medical School; 3 Zanvyl Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, Johns Hopkins University  Disclosures: The authors have no financial conflicts of interest. The first section of this article briefly explains prostate cancer and the technology that the ARV-110 […]

“Drug Discovery Case Studies” Course at Johns Hopkins Drug Discovery

Johns Hopkins Drug Discovery (https://drugdiscovery.jhu.edu/) will offer “Drug Discovery Case Studies” (ME:200.707) in 2020 Fall semester (via Zoom). This course covers drugs that have made a significant impact on patients’ lives and examines some key elements that have contributed to their successful discovery and development. A truncated version is also available at https://drugdiscovery.jhu.edu/our-courses/drug-discovery-case-studies/ Any questions […]