HBN is a non-profit organization founded and run by student volunteers, faculty members and industry advisers at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland.

Created with the purpose of building strong partnerships between the biotechnology sectors of academia, industry and business, HBN relies on the support of its members. Please help strengthen our efforts by donating to HBN today. Your generous support will help build our network, fund relevant events, and connect the biotech community.

Donation Instructions:

  1. Please make an online donation to the group via the JHU Development Office by visiting the Johns Hopkins Giving Page.
  2. Please designate my gift to support*: other (please specify)
  3. Please describe*: Hopkins Biotech Network (IO 80012658)
  4. Please send an email to HBN at connect@hopkinsbio.org, specifying the donation date and amount, and we will make sure that the donation is processed correctly.

Please note: All donations are tax deductible. JHU will send tax deductible letters to both individuals and businesses.

Thank you for your contribution. We greatly appreciate your support!