Are you interested in consulting but want to learn more before applying? For those currently pursuing a PhD, Postdoc, JD, or MD, as well as practicing physicians or residents, hashtag#BCG is offering a fantastic experience specifically designed for Advanced Degree Candidates.

BCG’s renowned program, Bridge to BCG, is now open to ADC applicants. Bridge to BCG is a three-day summer workshop designed to help you test-drive the BCG project team experience. Not only does the program include abundant networking opportunities and exciting social activities, it also guarantees a first round interview for our generalist consulting position.

Apply to Bridge by March 31st, 11:59PM ET using this link (make sure your profile is accurate and up to date): 

If you are interested in applying later or to a different BCG position, we recommend that you apply during our full-time application process in July 2020. You can find more information on our website:




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