JHU PhD Professional Development Workshop, “Negotiation Strategies for Professional Success”

JHU P.h.D Professional Development Workshop Series are delighted to announce the third professional development workshop, “Negotiation Strategies for Professional Success,” which will take place on July 9, 2020 from noon to 1:30pm. The session will be led by Prof. Brian Gunia.

Please register for the session using this Zoom link:  https://careybusinessschool.force.com/CareyExecEd/evt__conf_detail?id=a0e1T00000DWcY8QAL

Our intention is to record this session. Please note that if you elect to participate, your face, comments or questions could be captured on the recording.

You can sign up for our mailing list here.

Tentatively, fourth session will be offered on August 5, 2020: “Digital Marketing & Personal Branding.”

We look forward to seeing you on July 9, 2020.

About the instructor

Brian Gunia joined the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School in 2011. He is an Associate Professor in the research track. Brian studies three ways that people commonly jeopardize their careers: by acting unethically, negotiating ineffectively, and sleeping insufficiently. Instead of focusing on self-defeating choices themselves, however, he focuses on simple, theoretically-motivated measures that might enable individuals to act more ethically, negotiate more effectively, and sleep longer or better. Brian is the author of a negotiation blog called Life’s Negotiable and a negotiation book called The Bartering Mindset. Brian founded the Johns Hopkins Business in Government (BIG) Initiative, and he currently serves as Academic Program Director for the full-time MBA program. Brian received his Ph. D in Management & Organizations from Northwestern University


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