HBN CASSS Mentorship Program and Industry Sponsorship Program

W. Taylor Cottle, PhD Candidate, HBN President

The Hopkins Biotech Network continues to work towards building its network with industry and local leaders in the Baltimore Biotech and Pharma space. Despite shutdowns, we have been hard at work organizing a new mentorship program in collaboration with the CASSS organization. This program will introduce Hopkins students with leaders and experts in Biotech and Pharma for a 6-month formal mentorship program focused on expanding your network, developing a fruitful mentor-mentee relationship, and preparing yourself for your next career move. Keep an eye out for applications which should go live in the end of Summer 2020. Additionally, we are growing our relationships with local biotechnology companies, reaching out for HBN company sponsors and organizing physical or online treks with local companies. Many of our students are interested in industry but don’t know where to start and this initiative is designed for you to get an accurate picture of what a career in particular industries looks like. We are also working closely with the JH Professional Development and Career Office (PDCO) to co-host Business, Finance, & Consulting and Pharma & Biotech Options Panels later in May. If you would like to get involved or learn more about our organization, please visit our website at or email us at Stay well.

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