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By June 15, 2014Featured

By Annie Cieniewicz and Amy Anderson

Dear HBN members,

We are delighted and excited to be assuming the roles of HBN’s new Co-Presidents for the upcoming year! With the exemplary leadership that Dave Walker and Geoffrey Chen have shown as last year’s Co-Presidents, the support of our HBN community, and the dedication of our fellow board members, we are confident that HBN is off to a strong start for a very successful year. Fulfilling the HBN mission to create a community amongst individuals across the Johns Hopkins system and the biotechnology sector will be at the forefront of our intentions as the next generation of HBN leadership.

We are transitioning into Co-Presidency from our previous Executive Board roles: Director for Industry Relations (Annie) and Director of Event and Marketing (Amy). These experiences allowed each of us to envision several major goals for the upcoming year. One of our primary goals is to establish official, high-level sponsorships with pharmaceutical or biotech companies. Having corporate partners will allow HBN to host more events and workshops while providing networking opportunities to further enrich the connection between the Hopkins community and the biotechnology industry. Furthermore, industry partnerships will provide local biotech companies with mutually beneficial access to HBN members for the purposes of student career development, professional connections, and employment opportunities.

Secondly, we hope to expand and strengthen HBN’s network with infrastructural advances designed to promote our mission more effectively. In our first act as Co-Presidents, we have begun an initiative to design a new HBN logo and create a new website. In addition to hosting “The Transcript” and acting as a hub for our social media presence, our new website and logo will help extend our reach within the biotech community and creating a more cohesive network of past and current HBN members.

Finally, we will put great emphasis on recruitment of passionate board members and volunteers with diverse backgrounds and skills who all have a common interest in biotechnology. Please stay tuned for upcoming issues of “The Transcript” for listings of open Executive Board positions (or if you can’t wait, feel free to inquire about ways to get involved via email!). We very much look forward to continuing the impressive progress of this organization and upholding the legacy established by past HBN leadership.

Thank you!
Annie Cieniewicz (anne.cieniewicz@hopkinsbio.org)
Amy Anderson (amy.anderson@hopkinsbio.org)

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