Springboard Enterprises, Hopkins Biotech Network and Carey Business School Presents Second Annual Dolphin Tank


Danielle Bouchard, Eva Shrestha, Jessica Joseph and Lawrence Jones

On Friday, March 8, 2019, from a 24th floor sky view,  Springboard Enterprises(represented by Marissa Jennings), Hopkins Biotech Network (represented by  President, Jessica Joseph), and the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School (represented by Wendy Rumrill) co-hosted the second annual Dolphin Tank. “Springboard Enterprises  is a highly-vetted expert network of innovators, investors, and influencers who dedicate to building high-growth technology-oriented companies led by women”. Their programs serve as a non-profit venture catalysts which sources, coaches, showcases and supports women-led companies seeking equity capital for product development.

Wendy Rumrill                                 Jessica Joseph                                Marissa Jennings

Five early-stage startup businesses from three different schools of Johns Hopkins University each presented a 3-minute business pitch to a group of panelists experienced in startup companies, and to audience members. Each team presented their idea after weeks of preparation with an assigned coach. The ideas ranged from medical devices for reducing the risk of infection in home dialysis (Relavo) to a mental health-focused app that uses AI to identify symptoms and provide solutions (Ask Rose).

Feedback was provided by the esteemed, all-women panelists: Dr. Sharon Frank, Kelli Booth, and Kerrie Care, as well as audience members.


Kuo Tong, the managing director of Navigant, traveled from California to attend the event and impart his knowledge and experience with startup companies to participants, panelists and the audience as the featured keynote speaker. Navigant https://www.navigant.com/


The companies selected to pitch their ideas were:

1)     Relavo: A medical device venture developing the Peritone X, a disinfection device to reduce the risk of infection in home dialysis peritoneal dialysis treatment to provide patients with quality care and peace of mind.

2)     Henrietta: An Electronic Health Record that is accessible and secure.

3)     Sapana Health: Which seeks to transform the sleep apnea screening process by providing a straightforward and accessible device to evaluate sleep apnea risks during routine health and dental checkups.

4)     Ask Rose: A mental health-focused application that utilizes AI to identify symptoms and target tailored therapy solutions for its users.

5)     Skin and Innovations (SAI): SAI fills the need for a device that streamlines the biopsy process by reducing costs, decreasing time performing the procedure and therefore decreasing distress to patients, especially in the pediatric population.

The Hopkins Biotech Board Members



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