Postdoctoral Fellow, Obesity Group – Pfizer (Cambridge, MA)

By December 18, 2015Jobs

We are seeking an enthusiastic independent scientist with a demonstrated track record in basic or translational sciences related to obesity/diabetes, who is interested in pursuing an academic style Postdoctoral Fellowship in an industry setting. Scientific training in the fields of endocrinology, metabolism, or neuroscience is ideal.

The scientific focus relates to the study of pathways regulating body weight homeostasis. The goal is to build a deep understanding of central and/or peripheral mechanisms that regulate caloric intake and metabolism utilizing rodent in vivo approaches in conjunction with human tissue models. Publication in high-impact journals and presentation of research is prioritized, however project work may also bring about opportunities to complement drug discovery interests.
The candidate will have daily interactions with a team of creative and innovative scientists in a supportive environment for rigorous scientific training. Mentorship is focused on nurturing skills to enable development as an independent scientific investigator. Strong self-motivation, excellent communication interpersonal skills, and the ability to work independently and as part of a team is essential.

– conceptualize and design experiments to perform cutting edge research to uncover novel biological mechanisms regulating energy homeostasis
– organize and conduct in vivo/ ex vivo studies independently (including preparation, data collection, interpretation, and presentation)
– author manuscripts for quality publications in top-tier journals.
– attend and present at international meetings and collaborate across groups in the research unit.

PhD related to biological sciences. A strong background in endocrinology, metabolism, or neuroscience is preferred. A proven track record of publishing in top tier journals is required.

Hands-on experience with in vivo rodent experimentation, general molecular biology (PCR), protein detection (ELISA, Western blot) and immunohistological skills. Experience in imaging techniques is a plus.

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