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By December 18, 2015Jobs

f you’re a quick learner, enjoy working in the biotech industry, and share our mission of providing ground-breaking impact to medicine, each other, and our patients, Sorrento Therapeutics is the place for you!
Sorrento Therapeutics Inc. is a clinical stage biotechnology company developing anti-cancer therapies ranging from small molecules to biologics, such as bispecific antibodies, antibody-drug-conjugates, immune check point inhibitors, chimeric antigen receptor (CAR) engineered T or NK cell-based adoptive cellular immunotherapy.

We currently have openings for Scientist and Postdoctoral Fellow,
Retroviral Vector and CAR-T cells GMP manufacturing positions in chimeric antigen receptor engineered T cells (CAR-T) for cancer immunotherapy in San Diego, California. These positions will be responsible for preclinical/clinical development of CAR-T cells for cancer immunotherapy, including chimeric antigen receptor construction, retroviral/lentiviral vector packaging, T cell culture and gene transduction, T cell functional assays and animal tumor model studies, retroviral vector and CAR-T cells GMP manufacturing, and clinical trial patients biopsy specimen assays, depending on the previous experience. The individual must have good understanding of T or NK cell immunology and tumor biology. Previous experience in CAR-T or CAR-NK research is preferred.

Qualified applicants will be considered for the appropriate level based on experience and specific job duties/requirements. Researchers of all levels, from cell culture lab tech, cellular and molecular immunologist to retroviral vector production and CAR-T cells GMP manufacturing specialist, are encouraged to apply.

•   PhD degree is required for scientist or postdoctoral fellow positions.
•   The individual must have good understanding of T or NK cell immunology. Background in immunology with research experience in T or NK cell is required. Cancer immunology background is preferred.
•   Proficient in one or more of the following fields:
Immunological assays (FACS, T cell isolation from blood sample, primary T cells culturing and characterization, T cell and CTL functional assay, ELISA, immunochemistry)
Cell biology (tumor cell culture, T or NK cell culture)
Molecular biology (retroviral or lentiviral vectors construction, subcloning, PCR, RNAi, shRNA, gene editing, mammalian cell transfection, gene expression assays, western blotting)
Murine tumor model (IP, IV injections, sampling)
•   Ability to prepare precise experiment protocols, reports, quantitative analyses, and maintain appropriate documentation.
•   Strong verbal and written communication skills.
•   Highly organized, work both independently and as part of a team.

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