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New Transcript Editor-in-Chief

By September 1, 2013Uncategorized

Hello My Dear Readers!

My name is Shirley Tan, the incoming Editor-in-Chief for “The Transcript”!  Hopefully by now, most of you would know who I am…. But just in case, I am currently a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in School of Medicine trying to defeat prostate cancer.  Meanwhile, for the past year, I served as one of the HBN volunteer writers and had three articles featured in The Transcript.  Writing is definitely my passion and I was so fortunate to have this opportunity to share my thoughts with you all.

While the 1st year anniversary of The Transcript is approaching, I would like to take a moment to express my sincere appreciation to our dear outgoing Editor-in-Chief Chrissy Spanoghe!  Chrissy has done a FABULOUS job in creating and running The Transcript.  She is so dedicated to her passion (editing in this case!) and her enthusiasm is epidemic.  On top of that, She has been such a wonderful person to work with!

I also want to thank our volunteer writers to bring us such great articles with high quality since the issue debut.  The Transcript would not thrive without their contributions.  Our current writers are mostly students in biotech-related disciplines at Hopkins, residing all over the country.  For this new academic year, you will continue to see their footprints in The Transcript.  We are also interested in hearing from the “new blood”.  The recruitment for new volunteer writers will be announced in our next issue, so please stay tuned!

The Transcript serves as a great platform for sharing stimulating ideas/opinions in and around the biotech fields, the multi-billion industries loaded with countless opportunities.  And in this new year, we will continue the tradition: bring you the high quality and exciting contents.  Most importantly, we encourage you to keep connected with HBN.  Feel free to reach me at Shirley.Tan@Hopkinsbio.org for any questions or feedback.

I look forward to yet another fruitful year with you.  Happy long weekend!


Shirley Tan


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