Welcome to New Industry Relations Director

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Hello everyone!  My name is Anne Cieniewicz and I am the current Director of Industry Relations for Hopkins Biotech Network (HBN).  I am also a fourth-year doctoral candidate in the Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences program at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine pursuing my thesis research in the field of epigenetics. The responsibilities for this position in HBN include establishing partnerships with local biotech and pharmaceutical companies that would be willing to help the student members of our organization connect with industry in terms of career advice, sponsorships, and potential internships. Ultimately, I hope to serve as a liaison between the biotech industry and the Hopkins community.

My interest in joining HBN was prompted by my undergraduate studies at West Chester University of Pennsylvania in Pharmaceutical Product Development.  This program was unique in that students were required to intern at local pharmaceutical/biotech companies and the core curriculum brought in experts from the across the industry to lecture on topics such as regulatory affairs, R&D, marketing, clinical trials, etc. Having interned at the company, Cephalon, performing research in the Drug Safety and Disposition Department, I found working in the biotech industry was a potential career option I would like to consider after graduate school. Since I decided to pursue my PhD instead of directly entering industry in the hopes of establishing a more thorough foundation in basic science, being part of an organization like HBN offers an outlet to stay connected with industry while working in an academic environment.  I can stay up to date on how the industry changing, improve my networking skills, host and organize events, and learn about various career options available to PhD students in the biotech sector.  HBN is a worthwhile opportunity to anyone who is interested in a potential career in industry or is interested in developing new skill sets. I am looking forward to serving as the Director of Industry Relations!  Please feel free to contact me at anne.cieniewicz@hopkinsbio.org.

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