New Episode of Hopkins Biotech Podcast-“Lauren Lee – Biotech Investing”

Hopkins Biotech Podcast: “Lauren Lee – Biotech Investing”
Ever wondered if you could apply your scientific acumen to helping healthcare companies grow? Check out the latest episode of Hopkins Biotech Podcast, featuring Lauren Lee, Associate at Solasta Ventures – a healthcare-focused venture capital firm! New episodes every other Monday.
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About our guest: Lauren Lee, Ph.D is an Associate at Solasta Ventures, the U.S. subsidiary of South Korean venture capital firm Aju IB that focuses on investments in therapeutics and life science companies. We chat about how she merged her dual interests in science and finance, advanced projects at Onyx Pharmaceuticals (acquired by Amgen in 2013), and helps biotech/pharmaceutical startups grow at Solasta Ventures. Lauren also highlights different facets of career exploration during a PhD, which includes securing your PI’s support, attending networking events, and seeking out career enrichment opportunities. Finally, she shares how you can get involved in the healthcare-centric financial sector.

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