Hopkins Biotech Podcast: “Roshni Rao – International Students & Life Design”

Hopkins Biotech Podcast: “Roshni Rao – International Students & Life Design”

The latest episode is dedicated to discussing career development strategies – with a special emphasis on international students – and features Roshni Rao, Director of the PHutures Office at Johns Hopkins University! New episodes every other Monday. https://www.hopkinsbiotechpodcast.com/

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About our guest & the episode: Roshni Rao, PhD is Director of the PHutures Office at Johns Hopkins University, where she works with PhDs and postdocs to supplement academic training with coaching in translational and relational skills that are essential for preparedness in various industries. Roshni is a fantastic resource to turn to and we strongly encourage students at Johns Hopkins to contact her at the PHutures Office for career guidance. During this episode we discuss the concept of ‘life design’, a multi-faced methodology for planning a fulfilling future that extensively utilizes your skills, values, personality, and interests. Furthermore, we explore how international students can overcome social & emotional obstacles, start planning for work visa applications, and approach the job application process in order to confidently embark on a journey of career development.

Additional resources for international students: JHU Office of International Services (handle visa concerns), Resources for International Students (a comprehensive list of resources, curated by the JHU Student Health & Wellness blog), lawsuit filed by JHU to block SEVP guidance issued by ICE (filed Friday, July 10, 2020)


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