New Episode of Hopkins Biotech Podcast-“Bernat Navarro-Serer – Shaping Science Policy”

Hopkins Biotech Podcast: “Bernat Navarro-Serer – Shaping Science Policy”

Ever considered deploying science to shape public policy? Check out the latest episode of Hopkins Biotech Podcast, featuring Bernat Navarro-Serer, Eastern Hub Co-Chair at the National Science Policy Network (NSPN)! New episodes every other Monday.

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Podcast description:

Bernat Navarro-Serer is the Eastern Hub Co-Chair of the National Science Policy Network (NSPN), a non-profit organization that equips scientists with the skills and collaborations that they need to effectively influence public policy. He also serves as Social Media Chair for the Johns Hopkins Science Policy Group, a chapter of NSPN that unites graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, healthcare professionals, and faculty to collectively promote social change at a state and local level. We discuss his advocacy for funding of cancer research on Capitol Hill, the breadth and depth of careers in science policy, as well as the importance of science communication in bridging the gap between scientists and non-scientist decision-makers (legislators, elected representatives, the public, etc.).

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